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Mr Potato Sahib 01

MISTER POTATO SAHIB is a fictional hard-boiled potato who operates as a private detective. He lives in the city of Delhi circa 1940 in the Republic of Hindustan, a nation-state established in 1857 after the successful Indian rebellion against British rule.

In Mr Potato Sahib’s world, the two World Wars of the 20th Century (the 13th Century A.H. to him) never occurred. The British Empire never achieved size, scope or grandeur sufficient to excite the admiration of young Adolf Hitler, nor incite in him a desire to emulate it.
I wrote several stories featuring Mr Potato Sahib, and all are non-ordinary. The character was born of a joke I heard told by an Indian schoolkid: “What does a potato say when he answers the phone?” “Aloo?- Aloo?”
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